Everything you need to know… 
  • Are SOL Tattoos temporary?
  • How long do they last?
  • How do I remove my tattoos?
  • How do I apply my tattoos?
  • Are the tattoos waterproof?
  • Do you deliver outside of the UK?
Yes! All of our tattoos can be easily removed 
Our temporary tattoos can last up to 3 days.  After 3 days, your tattoo may start to loose its’ sparkle – but not to worry, we have packed plenty of tattoos on each sheet so you can apply more!
you would like to wear your tattoos for less than 3 days, they can be easily removed by rubbing the tattoo with a sponge and warm water, or some baby oil.
Tattoos can be easily applied by cutting out the desired tattoo from the sheet you have purchased. Simply remove the plastic sheet which protects the tattoo and place the tattoo face down on your skin / in the desired area. Once you have secured the tattoo in place, hold a wet sponge or cloth on top of the tattoo for 20-30 seconds. Carefully peel back the paper and your tattoo will be in place.
The beauty about our tattoos is that they are waterproof and won’t disappear or wear off if you come into contact with water. Our tattoos must be rubbed with water and a sponge to come away from the skin – so splash all you like and still stay beautiful :)
Yes! We deliver worldwide. All of our international delivery and shipping prices can be viewed on our delivery page which can be found in the footer.